NEW! Frigorific storehouse near Bucharest – located at 4,5 km on DN2 Bucharest – Urziceni

    Built in 2007 at European standards, homologated according to HACCP project, monitoring and computerized control, authorized by DSV (the oval stamp).

  S.C. Scorpion Company 2001 SRL offers for rent frigorific chambers freezing / refrigeration with temperatures ranging between – 28 and + 18° C. The total capacity of 2500 tones out of which 1250 tones for freezing (4 chambers x 312,5 tones) and 1250 tones for refrigeration (4 chambers x 312,5 tones). S.C. Scorpion Company 2001 SRL offers for rent offices for logistics with a total surface of 700 sqm equipped at European standards, the surface of one office being 25 sqm. You may also benefit from spaces to archive documents, all the utility annexes (toilets, kitchens) including parking lots within the premises.

   The frigorific storehouse puts at the customers’ disposal a piler, authorized scales for the manipulation of goods, the loading and unloading being effectuated by us. You may also enjoy the access at any time to the control diagram of the monitored temperature by dedicated software.

   S.C. Scorpion Company 2001 SRL is the ideal solution for you

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